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Sports offer £19.99 for 12months

Hi, can anyone tell me how to get hold of an actual person. I have been sent an email from NOW offering me sports for 12mths at £19.99pm only to go onto my account and find that the offer is 6mths for £25pcm? Chat lines are not operating and the robot thing is useless?

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Hi @Jc 

Live chat should be open.

Don't click on the get help quicker button which will get you the chat bot.

A couple of forum members had something similar in this thread below.

Where I have also included a link in one of my posts how to contact live chat by reading this link thread below. 


Hi Schnapps,

 thanks for your help on this. I have now managed to get this resolved. 
best regards 



Scholar 2

@Jc Click on the chat, bottom right of your screen. I used it twice yesterday afternoon. I had the same as you 6 mth offer in my account and the email for 12 mths @19.99. Live chat with a very helpful guy and problem sorted. I have the 12 mth now on my account so hope you get the same result. 


Hi Saskia,

I’ve have now managed to get this resolved. Thank you for your help on this matter! Best regards Jon

Scholar 2

@Jc  Excellent news and here’s to a great safe F1 season! 


Hi Saskia

Has the price gone up already pls. I signed for 19.99 x 12 months and now showing 20.99 pm  until Feb 24.

Is it because Sports usual price is going to 34.99 ?

Cheers JT


EDIT .... Ignore please answered elsewhere