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Sports Pass Offer Redundant

I ordered a Sports Pass offer (£20 a month) at the start of March to see me through the rest of the football season. 


I now see that football season pass holders will get their passes extended when the season restarts, I've been paying £20 a month for something I couldn't use since lockdown. Without livechat enabled I don't see how people in a similar situation will be able to actually get the content they subbed for. I'd be happy for the offer to just roll forward for three months even (accepting I've had to write off the last 3 months). Not chuffed but it'd be something. As it stands Ive got a choice of cancelling by start of June or paying full whack which feels like I'm being doubly punished. 


I can't be the only one. 


Help us out Now TV! 

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I was in exactly the same position paid for pass to watch football and F1 couldn’t watch either no extension or refund.