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Special offers that aren’t so special

Today I received a special offer for sky cinema at £8.99 a month instead of £11.99 well this is the second time this has happened I don’t want it but guess what I don’t have to do a thing as they have already added it to my account bloody cheek I prefer to use vouchers the email said my voucher was coming to an end soon well it’s not not until the 16th of September I don’t consider that soon as today is only the17 th of August they did the same thing with my entertainment pass as you will see in my previous entry I am on the verge of cancelling the lot and going elsewhere.

all I want is to be able to be able to buy my passes as and when I want as this is the premis they sell nowtv on but I think this sending out special offers thing is just a sneaky way of keeping a grip on you.

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Re: Special offers that aren’t so special

@Anonymous User 

Redacting any PII, can you please post the email here so we can see it?

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Re: Special offers that aren’t so special

Hi @Anonymous User 


First of all I've not been so lucky to have received any emailed offers for a very long time !!


Secondly I am surprised that your offers have been automatically applied to your account !!  As with the few emailed offers I have received in the past  ( and no longer receive )  Have always required me to apply them to my account and activate.


So I am very interested to learn if this is a new way that Now Tv are giving offers and If this is happening to others ?


I would be very happy to receive some offers but only with the option to take it and apply it myself

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