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Skysports Month Pass

I bought a skysports month pass but when i try and add the voucher on my now tv account it will not recognise it.

I have also tried adding via my laptop with the same issue.


I have a sky sports day pass ready for use (which i wanted to save), is this preventing me from using the month pass?


The now tv website is next to useless in trying to resolve issues.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


If you have a saved one day sports pass ready to activate under My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst logged in on here then you won't be able to apply another sports pass apart from a mobile month sports pass until your one day sports pass is finished.


Normally if you have a one day sports pass under My Account > Passes & Vouchers there shouldn't be an option on screen to enable you to apply a voucher next to the month sports pass.


So i was wondering how you was applying the one month sports voucher to your account ?


Perhaps take a screen shot and post it on here so somebody can see what's happening under your Passes & Vouchers section.


Here's a screen shot of my one day sports pass saved on my account ready to activate where i haven't got an option under Passes & Vouchers to either buy or apply a voucher to either a one week or month sports pass.





Or is the one day sports pass came preloaded with a NowTV stick or box where it is saved in a different section of your account and you haven't clicked the redeem button next to the one day sports pass, then if so you should normally be allowed to add another sports voucher code to your account.

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why can’t u use the  red button when there mid week games so u can watch any game from the championship is now tv going to bring this in soon normal sky tv has this feature 


@Anonymous User 


If NowTV was the same as Sky, why would anybody buy Sky?

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
If you take an offer that comes with a ‘free trial’ of Boost or another Membership, Cancel them straight away. You will still get the full duration of the trial, and if you decide you do want to continue with one or another of the trial products, just revisit the Cancel, and UnCancel it.
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Good point but at £33.99 a month on now tv and not having that feature of the red button I think is very expensive and I know you can get skysports on sky for cheaper than that with the feature of the red button and the new split screen feature obviously u mite have to tie in into a contract though