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Sky sports Season Pass 22/23

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if the Season Pass (10months for £25)will be running this year? Or even 12months at £25?

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In all likelihood there will be a more widely available offer on the website or specifically on  May or may not be as good as £19.99/month, but will be no more than £25/month.

As this email offer ceases on Thursday 4 August, I suspect more widely available offer will cease a week or so later.


The extra early start to this season really could mess things up a bit...


All these people (Me included) with year passes that are still active as the new premier ship season starts.


I hope NowTV take into account this early start of the season,.and hopefully, for example in your case, you will see an offer of some sort on the 11th (as the system.will now see that you don't have an "active" pass.


I am rather hopeful of getting something on the day after my "last viewing" day, if not before.

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You could create a new account to get the offer rather than waiting.

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How does that work?


They can stick it - If I don't get the £19.99 for 12 months offer. I wouldn't take anything else knowing people are paying less.

Why let some pay £34 and others £25 and then some £19.99? It's the principle of the thing.



exactly my point;

£20 is on the border of being fair price (if they could ditch charging for HD it would be totally fair price)


Agreed. It's a shocking business strategy. I've been offered (and purchased) the Season Pass for the past 2 years...but then all of a sudden I haven't been offered it this year.

No idea why they're are picking and choosing customers.

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My year long season pass is due to end on 16th August. I did a cancellation dummy run and was offered £19.99 per month for three months. Should I take this offer or cancel completely and wait and see if I receive the 12 months deal?

One positive aspect of taking the three months deal is the end date is a few days before the beginning  of the World Cup finals. I'm hoping that NOW will do a deal to entice any lapse customers back afterwards.





I'd be happy for 3 months.

There is no Premier League in December until New Year's day on Sky (Boxing Day is on Amazon); World Cup is on ITV/BBC so they will have to come up with some sweet deal to keep people on; F1 Abu Dhabi which is last race was last year on Channel4 as well so the only thing I'd miss could be F1 Brazil (but then I still have one day sport pass on my Now stick)

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Last day of Premier League is Sunday 13 November and next games on Sky will be Saturday 31 December.   However likely to be a lot of EFL games in between as a World Cup alternative.