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Sky pass no longer working

I bought a 12mth sky pass and so i didnt get charged in December 13th i cancelled it and the message confirmed access until then but today sky pass not working unless i purchase a new one. I've gone to live chat but cannot find a category that covers this and it's not live chat at all its a webot and doesnt accept direct questions. I just want to watch a film and i can't. Who can sort this out

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Re: Sky pass no longer working



The Webbot seems to be more trouble than it is worth, and like many things on NowTV, it is not actually Live Chat.


Live Chat is hard to get to, by design, because NowTV’s fond hope is that users will work through the Help articles to get there, and perhaps find the solution they need on the way, and so not have to talk to Live Chat at all.


Though those of us who post detailed answers on the Community and then find the very next post asks ‘How do I do this?’ might have a more jaundiced view of the likelihood of this working. But at least that isn’t the case here.


And regarding your situation, I am not exactly sure of the chronology.


But I think you bought your year’s pass back last December 2018? And it would run until this December 13th, except you just cancelled it? On what day, exactly?


Because the thing is, some special offer passes, if cancelled early, expire at the end of whatever the current month is. So if you cancelled before October 13th, the pass could have expired on that date, leaving you where you are now.


If that happens, and you realise before October 13th that the effect of cancelling is not what you intended, you can reinstate the pass; but after October 13th, it would be too late to do this 😥

I have no idea why some passes work this way, though as a special offer, the current pass would prevent you taking up a new special offer until the existing one is completed. And maybe if a new special offer came along, with an offer deadline, there are scenarios where cancelling out of your existing pass early to take up the new offer is financially more advantageous.


But it would be much better if NowTV just gave you the choice of cancel date - end of month or end of term - when this arises. For any long-running pass.


But maybe this isn’t the chronology, or the situation you are in, and something else has gone wrong?


Either way, you need to speak to Live Chat, the Real Live Chat, and here’s how:-


Get in Touch (all the options, and the best place to start):-


On a screen with big buttons all around, you may find the link you need is under a tiny green arrow, so be vigilant.


 Live Chat and Send Us a Message:-


On Live Chat, when you can get onto it, keep your answers short, sweet and prompt, or it will time out on you.

If the person you are talking to doesn’t seem able to understand your issue, ask to be escalated to the next level of help.


<If you can’t access Live Chat and nothing happens, try a different browser from your usual one (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on which you haven’t disabled pop ups, third party cookies or indeed any cookies, haven’t set an Ad Blocker, and haven’t set Noscript on, or JavaScript off, as any or all of these things may prevent the Live Chat window appearing>

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If you disagree with my posting, say so below, and I will see if I need to mend my ways 🙂
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Re: Sky pass no longer working

Thank you, yes i bought it in December 2018 and cancelled it on 29 OCT 2019 not to get a better offer but just so i didn't get charged once the pass runs out. I'll be away at that time so in hindsight I should have waited until I went at least I'd hehe only lost out a couple of wks instead. I'll try the suggestions but I've already got a complaint logged about something else so if I find it to difficult I could be jumping ship
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