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Sky Sports f1 season pass


I recently cancelled a Sky Sports month pass following the conclusion of the 2019 F1 season, as that's what I was using it for. 


Assuming it's offered, I'm planning to use a Sky Sports F1 season pass to watch F1, support races and IndyCar for 2020. I'd just like some clarification, does this pass allow me to watch Sky Sports F1 at any time, or can I only watch on F1 weekends?

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I’m new to NowTV and the F1 Season Pass. The price is ok and I’d probably pay it, but I’m not always able to watch the races live. Probably 50% of the time I’d only be able to watch scheduled re-runs, a recording or catch-up content. Does this pass off either of these things? If not, it’s likely not worth the outlay for me. 

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@Anonymous User As with all sports passes, there is no on-demand. Also, of course, no recording. So if you can’t watch a race live, you’ll just have to hope for a re-run or highlights at a time when you can watch.

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The Sky F1 channel does show regular reruns of races (although the Sunday evening rerun is dependent on there being no Indycar race). Races are always rerun in full on Mondays and highlights are shown regularly. There is no catch up option for Sports channels on NowTV unfortunately.


Also, found elsewhere - click on "get the pass" - the click "remove" and the pass changes to £195!


I've paid and my pass screen says


Sky Sports Month Pass
You're on a prepaid offer until 06 Dec 2020.
You've got a ticket to all 11 Sky Sports channels. Regular price £33.99 a month.
Same price as last year...

how did you get this to work?

Please clarify where you got the 'get the pass' link for F1 option


Tried to cancel my pass due to it not being as advertised with all the sports now cancelled

and and after over an hour on chat all they wanted to do was offer a week pass for each missed race! What about all the other sport that's not on there?

Also was within the 14 day distant selling act so they have broken the law as well!

I have started a charge back with my bank for the money.


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That might work. It’s likely I’d be able to catch a re-run. I’m pretty good at avoiding the results.