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Sky Sports Season Pass



at the beginning of the football season I took up the offer of £200 for 10 months of sky sports which covers the whole footballs season.


obviously the season has been temp stopped and will continue later than my 10 month subscription.


has anyone spoke with Now TV on what they are going to do? It is impossible to contact them. I understand I still have sky sports but do not need or want it currently.


was wondering if they will be extending the passes to cover when the season returns free of charge or offering partial refunds?





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Hi we got the f1 pass just before it was all cancelled. I raised a complaint just asking what would be done. I was refunded the full amount over a week ago. I would do this and see what they come back with. 


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Same, thank you


Anyone got a refund?


Its all very well extending it but frankly this season has become a bit of a farce and I won't be watching a lot of it if it continues.


When it initially stopped they gave me a free month pass I can use but I'm not sure when this runs out.


I'm grateful for their offer, but I think I'd rather get 3 months refund. £60 is a fair bit!

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I have been paying £20 per month for 12 months now £33.99?!?! 
sky is £18 

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I cancelled my pass with most games I wanted to watch on pay per view.
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Legend 5

Last i heard the Premier League had decided to abolish the PPV model because of the backlash of supporters.


I don't know if this linked article below from the 14th of November 2020 is still the latest news about Premier League when watching on Sky Sports.