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Sky Sports Season Pass. Value? Values?

I signed up for a season pass because this was the only way I could watch my team play. I've missed out on many years of watching my team play because Sky had the rights and I couldn't afford Sky. I still can't really afford it, but sport is a focal point of my life, and something that connects me with friends and family. 


I tuned into the first game and saw... adverts. Advert after advert after advert.


I question the sanity of it all. The sport I love sells itself to Sky, meaning far fewer people can watch it. Sky charges people a fortune to watch their sport, and in return shows them adverts. 


In summary - watching a favourite team is inaccessible to millions of people. And sky get paid, and paid, and paid, and paid.


This cannot be right. Are we all mad?

Expert 3

Don't know about mad, but I tend to watch games as they start, grab a coffee/beer during half time and turn it over/off at the end.


However, watching the odd Orient game on a stream which had limited ads and GAA coverage on GAAGO it is noticeable how much less advertising and screen clutter there is.  Also Amazon is better in its coverage than Sky or BT Sport


And if you can avoid the score there are no adverts on catch up.