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Sky Sports Month Pass

Hi there


Sorry for the noob question.


Just signed my mum up for now tv with the dongle that included one month sports pass. 


If I don't cancel it renews at £33pm, that seems obvious. 


But there is an offer at the moment for 4 months at £25 a month. How does this work? Do they charge you £100, or £25 every month for 4 months? 


And it says I must activate that pass by 6 June. Does that mean I can't buy the offer, because the current month runs until June 24? Or do you buy the offer, activate it and it just uses the first month of the offer pass on June 25?

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Sky Sports Month Pass

Hi @Mr_Ed 


That NowTV Sports Pass offer should be 4 months at a monthly charge of £25 per month.


Because your current sports pass offer has less than 30 days remaining, you should be eligible for the 4 month at £25 per month offer on their website.


The 4 month offer should kick in automatically once your current month sports pass expires.


Just follow the link on the nowtv offers website by clicking the white button which says Existing customers buy here.

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