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Signed up for Now Broadband in June through Quidco with an offer of £80 cashback.Estimated payment given was 8th October 2020,mid January 2021 still waiting.Have contacted Quidco 3 times,they are blaming Now Tv . Contacted Now Tv,they say they have honoured all cashback claims.Any help on subject would be great.I genuinely think it is Now Tv to blame,have used Quidco for nearly 3 years and have received over £700 in cashback off them in that time. 

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@Anonymous User there are dozens of threads regarding cashback that might help. Having read through some of them, it's hit and miss how it's paid.


Your best bet is to tag or message people in the most recent threads to see if/how they got their money.

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Thanks for replying,the message I sent seems to have done the trick and cashback was paid the next day.The message I received said 'it seems that the cashback payment appears to have been approved and you should receive it into your account soon'!!