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Prepaid Sports Pass - pause or refund?

I prepaid for 10 months of Sky Sports which was to cover the entire PL season (my offer is due to end on the 24th June). I've seen posts saying NOW TV will either pause these passes (or offer a refund?) as the PL has been stopped and because there's just about no other sports so there's nothing to watch. Does anyone know how do I pause my pass or get a refund? Many thanks.

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Now TV will not refund or pause the pass. I have the F1 pass which i bought last week and they will only offer a 1 month free sky sports pass knowing full well that the delay will extend beyond that. It been less than 14 days since i bought it but because i activated it i am not eligible for a refund.


See the conversation i had with a rep below. If you needed any hint that NOW TV is just some side thing for sky then this is it. Not to mention the windows 10 app not working for months.


null (18/03/2020, 17:51:13): hi i was wondering if the now tv sky sports pass can be paused while there is no live sport happening
null (18/03/2020, 17:51:27): i see that sky sports customers have this option
null (18/03/2020, 17:51:41): and now tv are essentially sky right >
Rajkumar (18/03/2020, 17:52:15): Hi Good evening.
Rajkumar (18/03/2020, 17:52:28): Thank you for letting us know the concern you have.
Rajkumar (18/03/2020, 17:53:01): At the moment I will not be able to pause the Sky Sports Month Pass as we do not have the option at NOW TV. However I can help you with 1 month free voucher for the sports pass which you can definitely use when you wish to with in the next 365 days.
null (18/03/2020, 17:55:41): what if sports is off for more than a month ? how come sky customers are treated differently to now tv customers when Now TV is part of sky...
null (18/03/2020, 17:56:02): so you wont offer a refund, nor will you pause my subscription
null (18/03/2020, 17:56:14): its pretty ridiculous
Rajkumar (18/03/2020, 17:56:55): I will cancel the Sky Sports Month Pass and help you with a Voucher code for Sky Sports Month Pass.

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It's incredible.... Not even asking for a refund, just want the pass changed so we get what we paid for. Fair is fair. These guys are cheats. Not using this now tv again. 


This is the discussion i had with NOWTV about this issue. I was offered a 1 month sports pass but turned this down as it is insufficient and does not cover the prepaid football season nor other sports.


VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:20:19): Thanks for contacting NOW TV, you are talking to VIJIN. How can I help?
null (21/03/2020, 10:21:20): hello i have a prepaid sports pass till june]
null (21/03/2020, 10:21:35): no sports now so what are nowtv doing
null (21/03/2020, 10:21:51): NOTHING ONLIN
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:21:55): Hi Good morning!
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:22:12): I will have a look into your account and get this sorted for you quickly.
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:22:25): Before we proceed further, could you help me with your full name and email address registered on your account?
null (21/03/2020, 10:22:35): ITS EASY THERE IS A GLOBAL PANDEMIC
null (21/03/2020, 10:22:49): null (21/03/2020, 10:23:10): i am the account holder
null (21/03/2020, 10:23:51): Just want to know what NOWTV are doing about refunds or extensions
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:26:19): No worries, I will have a look into your account and help you further.
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:26:40): Please stay connected, while I access your account.
null (21/03/2020, 10:26:45): ok
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:28:40): Thanks for the wait.
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:28:43): As NOW TV is a contract free service, our customers are already able to cancel their Sky Sports Pass at any time, without paying a fee to do so – and then restart a Pass when they’d like to.
null (21/03/2020, 10:30:35): you miss the point. I prepaid for a season pass till 30 June - if i cancel i lose the money - by law you have to correct the situation as that purchase and agreement is a contract which SKY have not fulfillled
null (21/03/2020, 10:31:25): NO F!, No Football, No sports at all
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:33:23): I do understand, the best I can do is I will go ahead and help you with the one month free voucher code for Sky Sports Month Pass or help you with the credits £33.99 so that you can watch the sports when they take place or utilise the credits for purchasing the pass.
null (21/03/2020, 10:36:30): so to take me to end of July?
null (21/03/2020, 10:37:12): Football season very unlikely to have resumed by them and looks like this pandemic could last 2-3 months
null (21/03/2020, 10:38:19): plus i am already likely losing 3 months of sport
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:39:15): I will help you with the code or credits for this month and we will update you with the solution via email, if the situation remains the same.
null (21/03/2020, 10:40:17): i actually think that Sky / Now TV have to address this issue properly and adhere to consumer law
null (21/03/2020, 10:40:41): i will also be speaking to BT similarly by the way
null (21/03/2020, 10:41:35): Consumer law says that if you cannot fulfill your obligations then i am due a correction / refund and 1 month pass does not do that
null (21/03/2020, 10:42:02): i will appreciate id you can update me my w
null (21/03/2020, 10:42:37): by email as to exactly how NOW TV will correct this situation
null (21/03/2020, 10:42:58): i will also speak to the card company about a chargeback
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:47:30): Graham, we are unable to help you with the refund but we can help you with the credits £33.99 on your account. you can utilise them for purchasing the pass on the account.
null (21/03/2020, 10:51:41): As I said i cannot accept a 33.99 credit as that only represents 1 month and there is already no football in sight until 30 Apriil which is already more than 1 month and likely to be extended What I want to see is a proper announcement by NOW TV/ SKY as to how they are going compensate clients who have purchased long term passes in addition to month passes.
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:52:25): Graham, We will definitely update you, if the situation remains the same.
null (21/03/2020, 10:52:44): what happens if there is no sport till September for example?
null (21/03/2020, 10:53:04): Sure keep me updated - but really...
null (21/03/2020, 10:55:09): i should not have to be speaking to you - there should be clear details via the now TV website and if i have purchased a season ticket for the length of the football season then that period should be honoured and it that period extends til August, for example, then that should be the proper legal extension period
null (21/03/2020, 10:55:46): I will appreciate if this chat can be logged and i am kept informed
VIJIN (21/03/2020, 10:58:41): Graham, I do understand your situation. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will reassess as and when required. We definitely update you, if the situation remains the same.
null (21/03/2020, 10:59:26): Thank you. I am saving a transcript of this chat so please do keep me informed

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I have been with NowTV for a number of years. I hope,like me people cancel their subscription as soon as the prepaid wasted money runs out. Absolute disgrace they are not allowing prepaid CUSTOMERS to pause, that’s it for me !

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I had exactly the same live chat and was told that a manager will contact me by email but received absolutely nothing.


Lots going on in the world at the moment but after the awful current situation has been resolved I won’t hesitate to take this to small claims court. It’s not that it’s a lot of money, I just don’t like being ripped off.


So many other companies out there doing good things in a crisis, this is when you see their true colours.

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Couldn't agree more with the sentiments here.  I have an annual sports pass for watching Netball and F1, both totally cancelled.


I would be fine if they just extended the pass for the months without sports, but they're not even offering that.  Spent 30 minutes on live chat only to get disconnected without an answer, it really seemed as if the operator was basically panicking and didn't know how to respond so just cut me off.


As others have said, it's a tough time for everyone right now, but NowTV/Sky are showing their true money-grabbing, rip-off culture as usual and really hope people just stop using them permanently.  Murdoch has been a drain on global society for decades.  Lots of smaller companies, with far less profits to spare, are taking hits to help out their customers and do right by society.

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I can understand why Now TV are trying to preserve their P&L, however this is clearly an inadvertent breach of contract. Prepaying for a service that no longer exists.


I urge Now TV to at least put something on their website to guide customers before we exit in droves when our prepayment options run the course.


For Sky Sports to freeze membership and Now TV not to speaks volumes.


I'm sorry Now TV but so much for customer service in these tough times. You will get many positive responses and long term goodwill by rectifying this.


Otherwise I'm going to have to look at switching to Sky or Virgin on principal.

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I also have a prepaid sports pass.

Disappointed no communication about extending or refunding.

Live chat is not available either to discuss.

I appreciate there are more important things going on at the moment but would have thought they’d have kept some communication lines open for current customers

I see they’re able to promote a set of new offers to take our money so someone must be around!

Shan’t be using Now TV ever again unless they come up with something exceptional 


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I would just like now tv to know if I do not get a refund or have my sport package paused they will NEVER see a single penny off me ever again. 

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Being a part of the SKY TV group I expect nothing but poor customer service! However, this is beyond poor. Pay for a service which cannot be delivered and offered no alternative! The pass should be extended at a minimum or a refund offered. You cannot even contact anyone online. In this day and age call centre staff can work from home. Get your act together Sky. The poor companies will be remembered after this is over and avoided. Even BT have been superb through out this. Your approach will fail big time longer term. When the football leagues set up their own subscription service you are officially dead I suspect and this only accelerates that path. Workers for Now TV, you've been great always but the leadership needs to wake up. @Anonymous User 

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All of my mates said ‘why are you paying for this? They’ve all got codi type boxes and I’ve got to say they work perfectly if you’ve Got right sofyware. For some reason I thought I don’t begrudge paying £200 for the footy even though on occasion it’s not loaded probably. Well now tv I can inform you if I don’t get what I paid for I absolutely do begrudge it especially if I’m being robbed of 25% of what I paid for. I will not only be getting one of those codi boxes I’ll be sharing with everyone. If they want to screw me over I won’t hesitate in screwing them back. If I were now tv I’d have a serious think about their customer policy  


I've submitted 3 complaints via the website about continuously being charged for my Sky Sports subscription and have heard nothing back.


I've raised a complaint with Resolver ( on the basis that NOWTV are not upholding their end of the contract and are also choosing not to communicate with me on the matter.


If lots of us do the same thing we may get somewhere.  

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Thanks’ I’ll try and email them today 

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same here - no way of contacting now tv either - how have you got on?

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Now TV is the worst of all the provide regarding the suspension of sport subscitions.


Absoultley no communication from them at all. Impossible to contact unless you make a complaint online.


BT, Sky, Virgin media all have dedicated suspension pages for the Sky Sports / BT Sport on their websites.


I ended up.making a complaint online and ended up with a £40 credit to my Now TV account.

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If you paid by credit card, contact the finance company directly to open a dispute/section 75. 


I have heard nothing from NOWTV and have followed up via Resolver. I've also contacted my bank to see if I can get a Section 75 dispute opened. 

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Even my car insurance company is (and without having to apply) making a refund for not using my car as much during the lockdown. If NOW TV doesn't address this issue then I'm finished with them. Not just the sports but the movies etc as well.