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Please Help - can’t add passes

Hello, I bought a now tv box that had a months free entertainment / cinema on and now that running out I want to purchase my passes. I saw on voucher code some great new customer offers (50% off entertainment and cinema for 6 months) which I clicked on and it took me to the Now TV page - I cant find any offers other than 7 day free trails - so what am I doing wrong as I don’t see any other offers to buy ? Please help as this is driving me crazy

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Re: Please Help - can’t add passes

Hi @Andyhoward7 


Looking on the nowtv offers website page linked below it looks like those deals have expired 😡.


You wouldn't been eligible for the deal anyway, where it was for new customers that created a new account by following the link page of the offer 😠.


Maybe look at NowTV Gift cards as a way of saving money.

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