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Order TV pass



I am considering coming away from my current provider and joining bow broadband. 

I see there is an offer atm that states the TV pass is £5.99 with the broadband. However I am not needing the TV pass as of yet, if I was to sign up for the broadband now and get the TV pass later would this offer still be valid?

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


I can't help much because i am not familiar with this offer or had any experience with this offer first hand.


If no forum members knows the answer then maybe drop an email to NOW using the email address from this screen shot below.


I couldn't see anything in the T&C's of this offer apart from its for new members or existing members who have 30 days or less remaining on their existing Entertainment Membership.


Hopefully it's an email code where there is a generous time scale you can manually add it at your own convenience.