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Old Combo Account

Ridiculous this 5 years with NOWTV originally taking a combo account. Have not had internet for 3 years now. BUT apparently the account is still combo - so can’t add tv using cards, can’t take advantage of any offers, can’t use TV boost. 
Contact chat, they say it’s a broadband issue, broadband say it’s a tv issue. NOWTV twitter help says nothing to do with them. Combo will be migrated(that’s was 2 years ago). Still nothing. Open an new account - comes up with account already assigned. Close old account when opening a new account it assigns it straight to the old account. Back to square one. Sick of it now. Don’t see the point in loyalty- maybe this is a way to try and force people back to sky?! Time to just close account and be done with it. Maybe look at BT as I need internet tv don’t want satellite dishes etc. 

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