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I have an offer applied to my account via now tv l don’t request this offer it was just applied by now tv themselves l never asked for this offer never mind having it applied to my account l today requested them to cancel the offer they applied to my account so that l could add another voucher to my account to carry on watching they have done this but also they have cancelled the voucher that l applied to my account even as this hasn’t expired have contacted via email they putting the blame on me saying l requested my membership cancelled l did not request this l requested the offer they applied cancelled and that all so thanks to now tv l have lost over a week worth of viewing with l paid for and they are not willing to restore it not a happy customer l going to make a Formal Compliant.

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Hi Sparkly


If what you say is true then NOW has no right to mess around with your active account and ultimately delete, i.e. take away, part your account's  funding without your permission.


There are two things you can do:


1)  Put a payment PIN on your account (a PIN is a secret four digit number only known to you) to protect it from any further interference.


2) Contact Resolver at the following:


They will help you to get your money back and possibly put thing right with NOW.


Good luck.



UK Bob

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Legend 5

Just to follow up from @ukbobboy  have one word for you, perseverance.

As you know each time you get in touch with a company to complain you’ll get a different representative to deal with your query. Best to keep nagging at NOW until you get it sorted out. 

This time last year NOW applied a very good discount to my account which I didn’t ask for, although at the time my deal was expiring so it saved me “cancelling” to call their bluff to get another discount applied. 

You can try live chat if you don’t want to deal with emails.

Just make sure to click “chat online”.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help