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Offer in email not appearing

I cancelled my movies pass but went to renew following a link in an email that offered me three months for the price of one. However, I can't see that this has applied. Should I just trust that it will?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


If there is nothing showing next to your Cinema Pass (click the arrow below the pass to expand the on screen information) when going to My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst logged in on here or there is no indication under the Bills & Payments section of your account, then i would say that the offer didn't get applied.


I am also assuming that your are checking if the offer was applied to the account with the email address it was sent to (just in case you have more than one account and looking in the wrong account place).


Make sure that the email offer is still valid (check the small print on the email if there is an expiry date to take this offer up).


Also when you click on the email link offer is there any NowTV code usually shows NOW********** with approx 12 or 14 characters starting with NOW then with a combination of capital letters & numbers embedded at the end of the URL address bar.


if so you could try copying and manually applying the code directly on your Cinema pass (where i am assuming you have 30 days or less remaining on the pass or the pass is currently inactive).


Not familiar or been lucky to have been offered this deal myself so i won't be much further help sorry.


Would say pop over to live chat but it looks like live chat is currently not available at this current time for TV Pass customers (only customers that use their Broadband & Telephone service).


Perhaps another forum member will offer you more advice on how to redeem this offer if it hasn't automatically applied to your account.



Anonymous User
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Thank you for trying to help. I was using the right email and there was no offer code. I suppose I will need to wait and NOW will get a complaint if it doesn't go as expected. Unfortunately their system of offering no contact information since the Community and Help Centre answers 90% of queries doesn't help me as I appear to be in the 10%.