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Offer expired + Live Chat not working

I got an email in June saying I could get 3 months of the Sky Cinema movie pass for  5.99/month. 


I've been waiting to activate it until I have time to sit and watch more movies to make the most of it (been busy watching other stuff until now) and it says at the bottom of the email that I just need to grab the offer before 19th September. 


Came to get the offer today and it tells me the offer has expired and I've missed out. I'm a bit annoyed at this because it shouldn't be expired according to the email. 


I also can't get onto Live Chat to speak to anybody. It's like the button just isn't working and I've tried disabling adblock and using a different browser but still having the same issue. Do they not have any other way of contacting them?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Which internet browsers have you tried, where a few people have reported that Safari & Chrome seems to have trouble accessing live chat.


I don't use live chat often, but when i do i always have success with both MS Edge & Fire Fox.


Have you got another device such has a smartphone or tablet if you are using a PC when attempting to reach live chat.


Maybe have another go using this link below and click on the green down arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch.