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Anonymous User
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Offer added to my account

Today I received an email offering me 6mths entertainment for £1.99 mth Which a great deal . But it was added on to my account without asking and when checking this out they are charging me £2.99 mth . Is this normal activity by sky 

please advise 

Elite 3

@Anonymous User recently an employee who occasionally calls into the community confirmed that offers are sent to customers but they said that they don't charge customers or have the offer 'auto renew'.


If you want the offer, email customerservices @ (ensuring no spaces) with a screen shot of the email and ask them to apply the offer with the correct charge including any applicable refund for overcharges.

Anonymous User
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Thankyou for your reply 

taken your advice and sent email 

awaiting for the adjustment to my account 



H Lulu70

I have been with Now TV for just over a year. I am often emailed with offers. When you receive an offer this should start on the day that your usual pass is due; ie if you are due to pay for your next pass on,for example 20th Aug,then the offer should start on that date. You should not be paying any extra only what the offer states so no this is not normal practice. Hope this helps. 

Anonymous User
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Yes thanks 

been in touch with them

 and got it sorted . I have been with them for years and had numerous offers but this was the first time it was Automatically added to my account without my consent . Tho it was a great offer I couldn’t refuse . Just like to have been asked first