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NowTV smart stick preloaded passes.

Hey peeps,


I recently purchased a NowTV smart stick which came with some passes preloaded. I already have a NowTV account with passes already activated and paid for against it and it's already linked to a NowTV box I have connected to another TV in another room. The idea was this NowTV smart stick would be linked to the same NowTV account but connected to another TV in another room as I can have up to 6 devices linked to my account and watch on up to 2 devices at the same time. The setup process when I first plugged in the NowTV smart stick was fine and the stick itself works fine. It connected to my wifi, paired the remote with my TV, asked me to go to\tv, sign in and enter a code it was displaying on my TV. I did that and it linked the NowTV smart stick to my NowTV account automatically without me having to login on the stick itself. It then added the preloaded passes to my account . I just had to redeem them. When I'm logged into my NowTV account on the NowTV website and go to the passes section it says I have the vouchers waiting to be redeemed. I click the redeem button and it confirms it'll add the passes onto my next payment date therefore meaning I don't have to pay next month and then when I click apply to add the voucher/pass to my account it comes up with an error message about my pin being wrong and doesn't add the passes/vouchers to my account. During the setup process it did ask for my payment pin when I entered my password into, which it accepted as I know my pin and I've used it before on NowTV and have not changed it. However when I try to apply these vouchers it doesn't ask for my pin at all yet tells me it's wrong when I try to apply the vouchers. I've reset my pin to be safe and tried again but the same problem.


Can anyone help as I tried talking to someone on NowTV's help section online chat and they were useless. They kept trying to get me to do stuff I'd already done even when I'd told them that.

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