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NowTV not honouring 6 and 5 month pass

Hello All,


Puchased the NowTV Entertainment and Movie bundles from John Lewis last year and when applying the codes to my account end of July they were not been accepted.  Raised a chat session with one of the support crew in India I suspect and a ticket was raised - 03499443.


Despite confirming that the voucher codes had not been used and sending mutlple copys as to proof of purchase they failed to activate either of the voucher codes, and instead offered me a 2 month goodwill code... as I hadn't purchased the NowTv devices and the accompanying vouchers from one their registered retailers.

But hang on, these are NowTv manufactured devices and vouchers produced by NowTv so therefore the ownership of these both falls with NowTv!

I have already cancelled my NowTv plans and now just wanting these vouchers to be honoured.

Currently intend on pursuing a claim under the Consumer Rights Act.


This whole thing was a mess, incompetent support staff and failing to accept that the goods are NowTv's.



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Re: NowTV not honouring 6 and 5 month pass

who are their "registered retailers" ?

have you tried requesting a refund from John Lewis ?


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