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Now sports 9 month membership offer

So because I had bought a day pass to watch a football game, Now then sent me an email saying they had given me 9 month sports membership for free.  However, when I try to watch the football by clicking on the icon in the app up pops a message saying I either need to buy a sports membership for £34.99 a month or a day pass for £11.99 a month.  I don't get it, is the sports membership including the football or not?


TOTAL SCAM! NowTVs 9 month free Sports Mobile is a con. I’ve paid the £11.99 for a day pass twice now and both times when I tried a few weeks later to watch the Sky Sports Premier channel on my mobile it says I need to buy membership even though this channel is included. When I contacted customer services they plead ignorance and ask for proof that the promotion was included. When you check your receipt they sneakily don’t list it. So you’re left feeling completely robbed and they don’t care at all. BEWARE!!! Twice bitten twice shy