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Now TV boost



I have just purchased a now tv sports pass and hd boost. I'm not convinced I am watching it in HD though. How do you know if the boost is active and it's in HD, does it say it n the corner or something? Mine just says "sky sports main event" in the top right corner. 


Thanks for any help offered


I think it should say hd somewhere.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


What playback devices are you using where not all devices are Boost compatible (see link below for information). 


If your devices are Boost supported and you have purchased the Boost Pass on the NowTV website which can take 4  hours to trigger.


Then to trigger the Boost Pass staightway, go to your playback devices and sign out of the NowTV App and then sign back in again.


When you go to the NowTV App on your playback devices under the My Account section of the App it should show an active Boost pass.


When you go to the Now & Next TV Sports guide it should show HD at the end of the Sky Sports channel names.


The HD logo doesn't show when viewing the Sky Sports Channels on your TV screen.


Some devices such has a Youview Box, Samsung Smart TV will show a streaming number around 7000 when you press the info button on the remote which denotes HD when playing Sky Sports.