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No contact for 10 days after being told 48 hours.

I received an offer code after cancelling my pass only to find the offer code not working. Sent a web form complaint and was then told I can't use that code and was offered a more expensive code. I have been a NowTV customer on and off for 2 years now. I've paid a fair wack now plus the money NowTV get from selling my data to TV/film studios so I feel I'm owed a little loyalty from NowTV. I asked to escalate my complaint and was told 24 to 48 hours but have not heard anything for 10 days now. I've tried all sorts of contact methods and none have produced a response. Online chat seems to have been disabled on my account, it works on my friends account on the same computer. Other web form get no response. @nowTVhelp on Twitter gets no response. The only response I've had is from SkyTVUK on Twitter advising me to try this forum. Does anyone know anything else I can do to get a response from NowTV?

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