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Re: New style entertainment pass

Think when my passes run out i will cancel Now TV as it won't be worth it in these Covid times and will just stick with the £25 Netflix which covers a few months.

Maybe Now TV will start to lose customers as the deals are not gonna be that great 

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Re: New style entertainment pass

I found this conversation as I was looking for vouchers. I've had a few of the £5 per month for entertainment vouchers over the years, then since 2018, I managed to get Black Friday 12 month 40-60% deals for combined Entertainment and Cinema passes. Then during BF2020 I couldn't find any offers apart from Sport.
I cancelled my renewal a couple of weeks before the full price was due and was offered a 6 month half price for Entertainment, which runs out in June.
I have seen the odd Cinema or Sports offer in my account but they seem to only last a few days before they disappear.
I'm not sure whether I'll get an offer when I cancel this time.
Because NowTV is competing with their big brother, the Sky TV subscription, more so than other streamers, they're stuck in an over-inflated pricing structure for what they offer (Entertainment and Cinema combo is almost twice the cost of, say Netflix's top tier, with lower quality, fewer features and more restrictions).
They're just not competitive compared to the other streaming services, and with the price almost doubling over the last 3-4 years (typical Sky), before long they're likely to lose a lot more people too.

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Re: New style entertainment pass


What’s been going on with NOW is they are rebranding and changing so many of its “offers”. 
Not sure if it was down to COVID and it just sped things up. 

However more often than not you’ll get offers when you go to cancel. You will also get personalised offers in your account.

Also I would recommend keeping an eye on the “offers” section of the main website.

What you have to bare in mind is that Netflix do not provide live TV and apart from football neither does Amazon, unless you purchase a channel add on like ITV or MTV.


Since Sky and NOW are owned by Comcast, I can see even more changes coming with NOW. If you take a look at Comcast’s US service Peacock TV, you’ll get an idea where things could be heading.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Re: New style entertainment pass

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You know, I'm not prepared to play "Hunt the Bargain Voucher" when my passes run out, either NOW passes are readily available or they are not.  And if they are not, it will be for me, time to move on.


I understand that Comcast will want to make their new aquisitions as profitable as possible, however as a voluntary customer I reserve the right not to have my scarce resources extracted.


Anyway, they have their game plan, i.e business plan, and I have my own thoughts on how I should spend my funds on entertainment.



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