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New style entertainment pass

Leaving Sainsbury’s today I caught site on a new style entertainment pass on one of their racks it was brown not the usual orange and was priced at £8.

I didn’t get the chance to take a proper look so has anyone had experience of this new pass is it just for 1 month and does it mean the end of the £10 ones I’ve been using for the past few years?

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Hi @Dazzman


I'm not surprised to read this as I've noticed that some retailers Argos in particular have stopped selling all Now tv passes for a long time now, And Curry's/Pcworld have stopped selling the x1 month sports pass, So I'm guessing when the stock of  "Old Passes" have run out they will be replaced with the "New style" passes.


I have a feeling the new £8 pass you have seen today is for x1 month only ( hope I'm wrong ) as they have also increased the cost of the smart stick and changed the pre-loaded passes to x1 month Cinema/Entertainment and 1 day sports pass.



@Anonymous User  @Dazzman 


Hey Guys


Thanks for the heads up, reminded me to buy another 6 months worth of Entertainment Passes at current prices. 



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UK Bob


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@Dazzman @Anonymous User @ukbobboy 


Very interesting to hear that there seems to be a different Entertainment Pass hitting the shelves in Supermarkets, I'll need to keep an eye on what might be hanging in my Morrisons Supermarket.


Pretty much for my 5 plus years with Now TV and constant adding of £10 for two month gift cards to my account, I was always wondering if they'd get around to changing what was available????


So yes, interesting to find out more about this £8 offering......any point in making new £8 for one month cards when that only saves you 99p over the renewal price??..... would they go as generous as to now offer you two months for £8??.....could it be a new one month combined entertainment with boost pass????  Will be interesting to find out more.


For sure, if they're making new passes that are less generous than before, they deserve to be brown😂

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@ukbobboy  @Anonymous User  @Dazzman 


My theory for thinking the new £8 Pass in only for 1 month is that I have noticed a pattern with Now tv that all the prices have been going up, But maybe that's just me.


In 2019 the passes were increased, Then during late 2019/20 the retention offers started to become less generous  and then the new offers page seems to be only offering low discounts, Then the smart sticks increased from an average of £20 to £30,  Also with a change in the pre-loaded passes.


Then I noticed a couple of retailers stopping to sell the passes I thought to myself there is going to be some type of increase to the vouchers, And once the old pass stock run out we would see a new pass arrive.


Going by my theory I don't believe that the new entertainment pass will be £8 for 2 months meaning that the passes would be going down in price as its normally always the other way round that prices increase with the exception of periods of "special offers"

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@Anonymous User 


Yes, the chances of two months for £8 on a new gift card do seem like slim to none......£8 for one month does seem more like it, it's just very close to the full cost of £8.99 that it hardly seems worth it........UNLESS, Now TV are also about to raise the full price for a month of entertainment to something like £9.99 or £10.99??????


Never been so keen to see what new goodies might be hanging in the gift card section of my local supermarket!!!

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Yes I agree,  if  the new pass is £8 for just one month of Entertainment that just leaves us with a saving of a pound!!!  And seems hardly worth the bother !!!  Unless your thought of a possible increase to the passes is right that would make sense as I didn't think of that one

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I've decided to buy myself x6 months of the x2 months for £10 Entertainment passes whilst they are still around 🙂

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@Anonymous User @Dazzman @Anonymous User @ukbobboy 


I spotted these today in Tesco


Elite 3

So looks like a price hike is coming. I know that there's a long thread regarding the Apple TV app finally getting updates so maybe the whole platform is being refreshed?