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New recordable now tv box

Will now tv release a new box with recordable available and freeview built in plus the option to have home cinema 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Extremely unlikely, where NowTV uses Roku based hardware with their own software implementation on it and i am not aware of anything in the Roku product range currently that meets this requirements.


Maybe when the full NowTV Passes become eventually available on the Youview Platform, then perhaps consider a Youview box ?


Also when NowTV are in the process of trialing any new hardware they usually offer invites on here to see if forum members would be interested in applying for the trials.


Not aware of any NowTV hardware trials in the pipeline at the moment or in the foreseeable future 😠.

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Well, @Anonymous User it’s a nice idea. However they did do a box with built-in Freeview (the now discontinued first gen. smart box) which could have allowed recording via the usb port. But first the usb port was disabled across the range, then the box was discontinued. So at the moment, I can’t see the project being resurrected any time soon. But you never know. A prototype might exist on a dusty shelf somewhere.