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New Football Season

OK guys, it's still  6 weeks away. But there is currently an offer for Sky Sports, expires on 2 July, 6 months at £21, cancel anytime rather than commit for the term. That would take you into next year. 

Stick, or twist?  😁


Any news of season pass offer? 

Champion 2

I haven't actually seen one of those for at least a couple of years now. Just keep your eyes peeled.


I am on the alert now looking for deals, I do expect something in the next 10 days (before the Prem Starts), but seeing nothing yet, expect a decent deal for TalkTalk customers (£20 a month with free Boost...but you have to also pay for TalkTalk).

The Season Pass did not appear last year from what I can see (it did the year before, but was hard to find)... Hope they bring that back, or offer £25 max a month...(ideally including Boost)


They really have very little to offer now except the Football, even the GAA Gaelic Hurling and Football is on the BBC nowadays. Feels like £20 a month would be fair enough to me for the service we get.

Champion 2

"Very little to offer now except the football," that is subjective to be honest, depending on which sports you are interested in. I am glad to have experienced the recent thrilling Test series (thrilling and cricket, I know!) and my other personal interest in F1 has turned into another borefest. Remember how much money is paid to the EPL for their rights and it does explain why Sky Sports will forever be expensive. Look at TNT pricing for goodness sake. Thank heavens that NOW do have deals from time to time. 

Expert 3

Ultimately, people primarily pay the excessive subscription prices for football.  And less of that than there used to be on Sky with no internationals and no UEFA football. Ashes was done and dusted in about 6 weeks, however I just watched highlights on BBC.  Ditto Golf.  Upcoming international rugby all on Prime and the upcoming Rugby World Cup on ITV.  Sadly with demise of London Irish, there is no point in domestic rugby for me, and URC is on Viaplay. There is the US Open tennis coming to Sky later this month though.  



The Mobile Deal has come out, Very Good this year £12 for 12 Months (£1 a month) plus a Day Pass.



Some people being offered £14.99 a month, but most getting £19.99 a £6 extra for Boost (after first free month)

10 months worth would cover you for the Prem and EFL season, so basically £254 for the season.