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NOW can boost off

Had yet another offer for boost, and this time it's £2 for three months, then I think of what I have


Entertainment Pass


Movie Pass


Sports Pass


so can someone from NOW explain to me, why I should have to pay extra to get ad free content, when in my honest opinion, it should be ad free any way for spending so much.. 4/5 ads before even a film starts, then 30 second ads included in a series I am catching with, which have all been aimed at women.. I am male, and have no interest in shaving my legs, or spraying perfume all over, and then on top of that, the annoying thing of having to put in a daft pin number, even when changing channels.


Before NOW's revamp, I was getting ad free content, and could watch on more than one device at a time, so the question that seriously needs to asked, is what idiot at NOW, thought it would be a good ideal to try and get not just me, but others to spend even more money, and whoever it was, sack them NOW.


Been with NOW, on and off, for the past 6 years, but when my passes run out, then no more of NOW trying to get me to spend even more money, and will be looking elsewhere to stream content.


Wonder what wonderful plans they have for the future, but whatever it is, you know it's going to cost extra.



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@Anonymous User 

Its been discussed to death since June. 

Basically nothing you can do, either accept taking boost for advert free or cancel the subscription completely.


Personally I don’t agree with adverts, but the big streamers in the US have adverts and Sky/NOW is owned by Comcast a US company, all they are doing is pushing their business model in the UK

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@Anonymous User how did you get the £2 boost offer?

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Email offer…


… the irony for me is despite Bosst, I am paying less for cinema (£3/month), entertainment (£4/month) and sports (£15/month) than I was prior to Boost.  



3 months of Boost for £2 a month: Offer available to the named recipient of this email only. Offer ends 09/12/2021 at 11:59pm. Boost auto renews at standard price after 3 months unless cancelled (currently: Boost is £5 a month). Cancel anytime. Not available in conjunction with any other NOW offer. Offer not available to existing members with an active Boost add-on unless you are in the last 30 days of your offer. Offer not available to existing members currently billed by a third party. One offer code per person, offer code can only be used once. Offer lost if you cancel Boost before the end of the offer period.