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Missing pass.

Hi people.

I purchased a smart stick with a cinema and entertainment passes but have only managed to get cinema pass to activate. It wants me to start a free trial for my entertainment pass even though I paid for it in a black Friday deal. Please help as I don't know what to do.

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Missing pass.

Hi @Rutters78

When you go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers and scroll to the top of the page showing "Vouchers Waiting For You" and click on the green "view vouchers link", does it show the entertainment voucher ready to redeem or says something like redeem on a certain date ?

If it says redeem entertainment voucher and it won't work, then if you have never used a 14 day free entertainment trial before.

Then what happens if you start the 14 day trial and once started go back and try and redeem the entertainment voucher straight away after your 14 day free trial started, where you should then get 14 days & 12 months of continuous entertainment on your account.

If that doesn't work, go back to the entertainment voucher and press or right click on it until you get the option to copy link.

Then paste the link into browser url or search engine and towards the end of the link there should be a code starting with NOWxxxxxxxx (approx 12 to 14 characters long with a combination of capital letters & numbers).

Extract the NOWxxxxxx code on the end of the link and go back to Passes & Vouchers and manually apply the code next to your entertainment pass.

If you are getting no luck or struggling with applying your 12 month entertainment voucher, then speak to live chat for further assistance on link below.