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Misleading promotion email

On the 6th March I received an email from Nowtv advertising an Australia v South Africa match, kick off 8 am Saturday 7 March.  I purchased a day pass for a non existant match.  How do I obtain a refund, or at least a voucher for the next time I want a day pass?  Nowtv should have an email address for customer queries instead of the unacceptable convoluted system 

Scholar 3

Not misleading at all. Australia played South Africa at 08:00 UK time. It was on Main Event and of course Sky Cricket, it being a cricket match.

Anonymous User
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Never heard of cricketers kicking off a match. Next two items on the email related to rugby


Why did you start using the day pass if you couldn’t see the programme you wanted?  If you bought it and did not use it, it would have been available for next 365 days.