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Misleading offer

I went to cancel my Sky Cinema pass today and was offered a choice of discounts.


Sky Cinema Month Pass

Regular monthly price £11.99


Get a monthly discount

£4.80 a month for 3 months

£7.19 a month for 3 months


Naturally I choose the larger discount of £7.19 expecting to pay £11.99-£7.19=£4.80


I am not given clarification as to what is 'in my basket' or what I could expect tp pay and asked to confirm but simply told "You will pay £7.19 per month".


So it would seem that when Sky say 'Get a monthly discount' and offer two options what they mean is choose what you want pay and not choose a discount.


Now cancelled completely.


I would post a screenshot but I 'do not have permission to upload images'.


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Re: Misleading offer



If those were two alternative discounts, why would anybody choose the smaller one? 😛


The first line is the discount amount.

The second line is the discounted amount.


But I agree it’s confusing - whoever coded the page probably meant to use different literals on the two lines, but accidentally used the same ones on both.


Hell of a way to fail to retain a customer - noted.

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