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Lack of Sky Sports pass offers

I've used a Sky Sports pass for a couple of years now via 2 x 9 month offers and 1 3 month offer at the end of the longer ones. I've just come to the end of the 3 month one but haven't been given a current offer to get me to continue. I ust admit I would like to continue but, as a pensioner the full pricing is just too much.


I've checked around but am I missing a current offer anywhere so I can restart it? If anyone could advise me I'd appreciate it very much

1 Solution

Check your old emails offering you Sports for £20/month.  Many of these codes don't expire despite what it says on the email.   I have one that says  "save over 40% and get behind the Three Lions" and it still works,


I have a sneaking suspicion there may be an offer in email or on the site tomorrow as after a blank Premier League last weekend for Sky and the distraction of the six nations, Sky has four decent premier league games and no rugby on the terrestrial channels.


Alternatively, wait a week or two for the F1 season offer.  In the meantime get one of the day/week passes with 5 months of Sports on a smartphone.



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