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Just joined broadband

Hey I've jist signed up the love my broadband over from BT which expires 16th and nowtv loss in on 15th so all good. 


On next page it said "12 months movies £5.99 instead of £11.99" but I can't access the deal. 


There's no live chat or phone number where am I suppose to get help with any issues? If this is it I think I'd rather cancel and stick with bt I find it crazy o can't find any way to speak to actual now TV? 


Thanks 🙂 

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Hi this is the same problem I am having manged to find a phone number for the broadband so rang that in hope they could help or even give me a number to call or put me through to the correct department. But they couldn't help as they only deal with broadband. And then told me there is nobody you can ring for the TV as its all done online so it's well and truly stumped me as to what to do next? 

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

Live chat can be found via this link

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help