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Issue with Pricing

Am attempting to join Now Broadband. It states Super Fibre with line rental included is £21. However in basket and when showing what my monthly amount will be it is showing £35. This is for fibre only as i have selected the Pay as you Call option costing £0 as i do not have a home phone. Have no idea why it is doing this and trying to speak to someone is hellish! Ive taken pictures but unable to post here.

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Legend 5

Hi @LTownsley

I have seen this reported from time to time on both the Community and over on NOW Twitter.

Here's a recent linked thread below.

First thing I would try is a different Internet browser such has Firefox or Chrome or another browser device.

On the above linked thread I have also added a further link with the NOW Broadband Team telephone number where the helpline is open between 8am to 8pm.