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Is this a scam email?

I just recieved a promotion email about getting the Now TV Stick for free, the email looked very legit and all the links took me to the correct website. I just need someone to clarify whether or not this is a scam or not. 

I stupidly clicked the link and went through with the transaction (something I'd never normally do because I am normally really cautious). I cross-checked all the emails I have received from NowTV when they are advertising something and they all match, apart from this one which is "[email removed]" whereas the others are "[email removed]".

I've seen some posts saying this is a scam, and others claiming it to be real. But I would appreciate an actual employee responding to this just so I know whether to shut an account.

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Re: Is this a scam email?

I don’t think it’s a scam email but it’s that exact email that brought me to this forum. I am also quite cautious filling out forms but the website at the top was nowtv and all very legit so I trusted it enough to fill in my information to get my free nowtv stick, however in the email it was because I am a “loyal customer” but when I filled in the information to receive the free stick I was given an error due to the fact i have already used my email address with them??? 

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