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How do you add a Voucher code to a pass already being used?

lately, have made an account with Now TV with Sports Month Pass (£25 for 4 months then £33.99 pm afterwards). which has gone though smoothly. unfortunately as haven't been able to use the player for laptop and tablet: went to go and get a stick (probably now back to front, thinking about it) this stick also had a pass with it. got the one for sports to add another month, but after having setup the stick and going into the account I have found that there is no voucher redeem link under sports that i already have a pass to. 


being that i have already paid the start of the 4 month pass and have this additional code ( that is already set in the stick, i have no physical voucher) I am at a loss at what to do for the best. i know that it is just one month but as i have payed id like to get my moneys worth.


if any of you could help me out, i would be very thankful. 

p.s. as out of fear of having to pay double for what i have

already payed, i have not stopped the pass i am currently on.  

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Re: How do you add a Voucher code to a pass already being used?

Hi @Harvey02 


Would have thought if you have setup the stick and used the same account details has your 4 month sports pass offer, then under My Account > Passes & Vouchers on here there would be a link towards the top of the page saying "Vouchers Waiting For You" where you won't be able to redeem the one month sports pass voucher off the stick until you are within 30 days of your existing offer (i.e. Month 3 of your 4 month pass).


Maybe have a word with live chat for assistance.


Link here to live chat.



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