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Free Trial activated by son ?

Today I had an e mail saying a free cinema trial had been ordered on my sons TV. I asked him if he had activated it and he tells me he didn't but im not so sure so what I would like to know is if trials sometimes are automatically activated or do they physically need to be done by the account holder. I really want to know this before I cross question him. 

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Re: Free Trial activated by son ?

Hi @Mark0 


If you haven't added a payment pin to your account by going to My Account > Settings & Pin's whilst logged in on here, then anybody who has access to your devices such has kids etc can start a free trial or buy a pass 😡.


Make sure you fully cancel the trial by going to My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst signed on here by following the approx four steps on screen until you see the green thumbs up cancelled notification.


Then jump back to the Passes & Vouchers section of your account to double check it shows cancelled in red next to the free trial pass.


Then go to Settings & Pin's on your account and add a payment pin to stop this happening in the future.


Re: Free Trial activated by son ?

Thanks for your help 🙂