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F1 refunds today ???????????

come on nowtv ,  you got a lot of customers funds , for services you cannot supply !!  are we going to get refunded today ????????

most of us have brought within the 7 days period !!!


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Indeed. Spent 90 minutes on an online chat with a right numpty. Got nowhere

Anonymous User
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Same spent 2 hours explaining im well within my rights to cancel and get a refund for the F1 pass as i was still within the 14 day cooling off period as in the terms and conditions was fobbed off! 



They just seem to employ pre-programed drones to copy and paste stock answers. They don't read your responses just provide out of sequence answers which make no sense in the context of the questions asked. 

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This applies of course to all the sports that have now been cancelled/postponed. I have the 6 month monthly sports pass ‘contract’ offer, but no sports now to watch including F1 and football, the reasons why I bought it. NowTV need to be thinking about what it can offer sports pass customers in recognition of the current situation.

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Refund processed in 10 minutes.


Follow my transcript.



I would like to cancel the Formula 1 Subscription I took out earlier this week.
I am still within the 14 day cooling off period for services purchase.
I have not used any of the services in the purchase.
Part of the services I have paid for within the subscription have now been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and there is still a question over more being cancelled. As you have not issued a press release stating how you intend to handle this with potential pro-rate refunds, and the value of the packaging being subsequently reduced with the cancellations, I am within my legal rights, under UK Consumer Contract Regulations 2014 to cancel and be refunded in full.
I have also read the Now TV community forums and have noticed that you are only refunding 'some' people, which is 1, illegal, and 2, has brought a great level of mistrust of NowTV that I now no longer wish to engage in a business contract with you. Therefore, I will now say that if the package is not refunded during this chat, immediately after we finish I will call my Credit Card company and issue a Section 75 Chargeback for the amount.
This now gives you reasonable explanation, within UK Consumer Law as to why I am cancelling this purchase. I have already cancelled use of the subscription on the online terminal.
I'll wait while you process the refund and I get email notification.
If you feel for what would be an illegal reason to deny this request, I suggest passing this chat to your supervisor as this transcript will be provided to my Credit Card company when completing the chargeback paperwork, and thus will be classed as legally bound evidence for the claim.
Apologies for the tone of this , however sadly, NOWTV are being seen as acting fraudulently by denying refund requests, therefore I am outlining my exact position from the outset to avoid any debate.