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F1 pass and cancelled races

Will there be a full or partial refund of the f1 pass if more races are cancelled due to Corona virus? 

Is there a right to claim a refund? 

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I don't understand why people are letting them get away with it.


If you have been refused a refund, call your Credit Card company immediately and have them open a Section 75 Chargeback fo the amount. The CC then deal with it with NOWTV. It also costs NOWTV an amount to 'fight' a chargeback, so when people begin doing the chargebacks, they will finally give in to their legal responsibilities and start to refund.


The Banks legal teams are well versed in this, they will deal with it to the letter of the law, unlike NowTV.


Chargeback now, so simple. You can also chargeback DEbit card payments, so everyone is safe. DO IT PEOPLE.

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