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F1 Season pass refund email

After trying several times to no avail and then passing this issue to my bank for a chargeback, I have received an email from nowtv telling me I will be refunded fully.


I think nowtv were backed into a corner, either refund en mass or spend weeks dealing with people who want a refund, tying up more resources and in the end causing real tangible damage to both their brand and their ongoing business. Refunding is not only the right thing to do, but was probably their only course of action.


I feel better that I've been promised the money will return to me, yet I still feel strangely aggrieved that I spent so much time during the first few days attempting to cancel to no avail, dealing with people in a foreign land who were only answering in scripted replies, complaints closed instantly without resolution, etc, even though my first contact with them to cancel was before the original start time of the first race.

It does say a lot about how this company operates, and perhaps something about how they view their customers.

I did say in my correspondence with them that if I was refunded I would gladly sign up again when there was something I wanted to watch, but only time will tell if I will actually do that now. My plan if I had not been refunded was to watch any races that run this year then at the end of the season (if there is one) remove my nowtv stick from the tv, put a hammer through it and post the pictures of it up here for all to see. Had that happened they would surely have lost my business, even if paying for nowtv/sky is the only legal way to watch F1 in my country.


While I can afford to pay £198, and even afford to lose £198, F1 isn't something I need so badly that I'll be taken for a fool by the company I pay to supply it for me.


I'm glad this issue seems to be closed, or at least closing, although with the events unfolding around the world over the last few weeks I'm sure you'll agree this refund issue isn't currently our biggest problem.