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F1 Season pass Refunds!

Spent 2 HOURS  yes 2 HOURS  on the live chat! 😠 Explaining that we are well within our rights to get a refund for the F1 pass as we are within the 14 day cooling off period! as in the terms and conditions. was fobbed off and told we will get an email. 


they offered me an extra month as compensation and I believe this would mean I had accepted a settlement. I refused it


I was offered a week as compensation for 2 months of no sport.  This is a joke.   Sports is expensive, people don't pay £34/month to watch darts and netball.  

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Yes just had the same. They told me that once the pass was activated the 14 days didn't apply. I asked when is it activated as I hadn't used it. They said on purchase!! They are simply trying to get around the law. SHOCKING.


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They claim they will not refund as events are only postponed but CEO of F1 says different


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Whoops wrong image!


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NowTV can't say it's only "postponed" anymore. Monaco is CANCELLED.


My mum and dad have cancelled their SkyTV, Mobiles and Broadband due to how they are treating us all. I'll help them move to freesat etc. Not going to be any new stuff on Sky for months anyway.


People will remember how employers and suppliers treat us when this is all over.


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im having the exact same problem . it is so wrong .

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I feel that they are about to give in as I received this today, my reply below. Everyone keep at them, you will get your refund I feel. Will update as and when......


From Now TV


Thanks for getting in touch with NOW TV to let us know that you want to receive a refund of £198 for the F1 Season Ticket in light of the recent situation with COVID-19 (Corona Virus), a range of sporting events are being postponed or cancelled.

Please do understand that a number of sporting events have been postponed, but not cancelled, so we expect to be able to show these when they are rescheduled. 

The Season Ticket is for a discounted price, you are paying upfront of £198 which is £22 per month, but if you make a purchase of a monthly pass for £33.99 per month for 9 months you'll be charged £305. 

If we cancel the pass and help you with a refund, you will miss out the offer and in this scenario we are able to either offer you a credit of £33.99 (A credit can be used to pay for any of our other passes. This gives you the flexibility and option of watching something else on NOW TV. Credit can be redeemed in My Account.) to your account or a free Sky Sports Month Pass for another month, so that you can continue watching when events are rescheduled.

Awaiting your response to know if you are willing to accept the credit or the month pass.

To contact us about this topic, reply to this email without changing the subject line.


Or, if you would prefer to use Live Chat visit our help site selecting the same topic as before and once you’re on chat give us your reference number xxxxxx.



The NOW TV Team


My reply 



The bit you guys are misunderstanding is we have already lost March, April and May. So this pass is for 6 months. That is not £22 but almost the full price. My best guess is the F1 delay, which now includes a cancelled Monaco race, will continue. I just don’t see the British GP going ahead either. Get real and see that there is no way they will reschedule the first 8 races. The best hope is to run the 2nd half of the season from Sept. That would be 3 months for £198! Or £66 a month.
Sadly, your attempt to hold on to my money despite the 14 day cooling off has left a terribly bitter taste in your customers mouths. Many of us have wasted hours on your chat trying get this legally allowed refund. Read the community pages. Regardless of who caused this situation, your company has dealt with all sports fans very badly and that opinion will last a long time.
Please refund the full £198 asap and do the same for all customers who are requesting it.
A very disappointed and annoyed former customer.



Scholar 3

NOWTV are still selling the NOW TV F1® Season Ticket.


I have the following offer available although I have no interest:

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 14.36.26.png

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Was chatting to now TV earlier today? Tried explaining about Monaco and Australia been canceled. But say that any races canceled would be rescheduled. Tried to explain that they are definably canceled came back with same responce

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I'm another affected by this appalling behaviour from NowTV.  I purchased the pass on the 10 Mar and contacted them to cancel on 13 Mar and received the same excuses as others have reported.  They will have received a letter today by Special Delivery and if they don't refund within 7 days of receipt, I will be issuing a summons through the Small Claims Court.  Given the current situation that case may take some time to be heard.  I've been to the Small Claims Court 3 times but not for well over a decade, and won every time.  Indeed, on two of the occasions the defendants didn't turn up to defend themselves which makes the case very quick!