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F1 Season pass Refunds!

Spent 2 HOURS  yes 2 HOURS  on the live chat! 😠 Explaining that we are well within our rights to get a refund for the F1 pass as we are within the 14 day cooling off period! as in the terms and conditions. was fobbed off and told we will get an email. 


Didn’t get this email. Are different customers still going to be treated differently?

Anonymous User
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That would be disgraceful if they didn't do it for everyone.


FYI. I requested the refund within 14 days. I didn't use Now TV after the first day sign in. I requested my card company issue a claim back and I have been onto Now several time. Each time they sent a closed complaint email I reopened it.


Hope it helps everyone get what they are owed.

Anonymous User
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i got my money back, sent the credit card company after them, they refunded me and now tv sent an e mail saying we've decided to do the right thing, bunch of crooks most probably be careful and always pay be credit card !