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F1 2022 season voucher

Love F1 and hoping to hear soon that NOW TV will offer a 2022 season voucher for all of the races which they did prior to covid. 

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Scholar 2

I had to ask for the credit, and was surprised it was as much as £12, so was quite chuffed with it.

Congrats on getting the deal too, 9 months is excellent really

Anonymous User
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I came across this Now F1 offer and was just about to purchase it when I realised that it wasn't HD after the first month.


Come on Sky, this is 2022, stop charging extra for HD as this is the "norm" now.  I could understand charging extra when HD was first introduced, just like you now charge extra for 4K, but you really shouldn't be ripping off your customers like this.


It may only be £5 per month, but that's £5 per month more than I'm prepared to pay for F1 in HD, so you've lost my potential subscription of £20 per month for 9 months.


Bring back the good old days when the BBC used to broadcast F1 in HD every week!

Anonymous User
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all these ppl complaining about paying £5 for HD, surely everyone pays the £5 "boost" for HD and streaming on several devices anyway?

Anonymous User
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"all these ppl complaining about paying £5 for HD, surely everyone pays the £5 "boost" for HD and streaming on several devices anyway?"


I personally only watch TV on the TV, not on my PC or my mobile, so I don't care about the ability to stream on several devices.


I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime.  They don't charge extra for HD, why would they, HD is standard these days and modern programmes/movies are produced in HD.


So why do Sky have to be different and try to milk their customers by charging extra?  By all means incorporate the "cost" into the subscription and advertise it as £25 per month so that it is completely transparent, instead of hiding the £5 extra for HD in the "boost" package.  It's not a "boost" package its a "watch it in standard HD" package!

Anonymous User
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i can stream on different devices at the same time, for example im on my pc upstairs and someone else streaming to the firetv stick downstairs at the same time, i think with the "boost" you can stream to 3 devices at once.

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@Anonymous User 


I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime. They don't charge extra for HD.


Netflix does charge extra for HD. The base package (£5.99) is in SD.


The reason some streaming services offer SD/charge extra for HD is that there are still millions of devices in use that don't support full HD.


It's a lose lose situation for the service provider. Charge everyone for HD and have those not able to utilise it complaining that they're paying extra, or, offer HD at an extra cost and have the other half complaining.



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@Saint1976 I am not sure that's the main reason to be honest, there must be precious few devices which support SD only.


@Anonymous User Bear in mind that the non-Boost NOW streams are 720p, so better than SD, but not full 1080p HD. And the basic Netflix SD service at a miserable 480p has recently increased to £6.99 a month; add HD and it is £10.99; upgrade to UHD/4K and it is £15.99. 

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Good points about Netflix, I've been a subscriber for so long that I forgot about the price difference between SD and HD.


My negativity is simply that as an avid F1 fan I'm disappointed that I can't subscribe to watch only the F1 races at a monthly price that I feel is "reasonable".  £25 per month is more than I want to spend, especially given that my energy prices have just increased by 62%, petrol is at an all time high and now the Bank of England think we should be paying more on our mortgages because the cost of living obviously hasn't increased enough for their liking (what a bunch of bankers 😂)!


Still, there's always Channel 4 streaming 😥

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That is the rub for many posters in this thread, their desire to have access to F1 live on a discrete basis.  Sadly, that is not a common feature of media services in this country as they tend to rely on bundles to cover their ability to bid for various sports rights. 


And yet many have accepted that the NOW £20 a month offer for Sky Sports is a pretty good deal, which indeed it is when you compare to alternative suppliers. 


Personally I find the 720p non-HD NowTV perfectly acceptable for F1 coverage, and can't justify the £5 extra for the modest uplift to 1080p. For anyone complaining about the Boost cost I'd encourage you to at least try the 720p version to see what you think.