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F1 2022 season voucher

Love F1 and hoping to hear soon that NOW TV will offer a 2022 season voucher for all of the races which they did prior to covid. 

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@Saskia wrote:

Recently I have received two short surveys from NOWTV. At the end of the survey is a place for a comment and each time I have asked them to please issue a 9 mth F1 voucher as they did in 2019 before the corona era. I remember it was £195 for the 9 mths averaging around £5 per week…great deal! That was then and this is now but a fair price for the full F1 season surely is possible. I have been lucky in securing my sports offer for 6 mths @ £20 pr mth so I’m not complaining but as I only watch F1 I feel it’s a waste. I must say the occasional time I have contacted NOW on live chat they have been very polite and helpful so good luck to fellow F1 fans, I hope you all manage to secure a really good voucher for a few months if not for all races! 

Maybe I’ve just been unlucky but they’ve always been less than helpful when it comes to offers. They just say there’s no offers available and basically shut down the conversation.


Hopefully @SweetBlitz is right and we get a similar offer in the next few days. Otherwise it will have to be F1 TV Pro + VPN again this year.


Just got email with an offer for £18.99 for 12 months for the f1 season

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Wow, nicely done. No sign of anything for me though. 

Is this marketed as an F1 offer? Curious that it’s for 12 months, but the F1 season only runs for 9 months. 

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@Anonymous User 

I just got the same email, yes it is marked for £18.99 per month for 12 months. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I’ve had nothing and just asked on live chat but they wouldn’t give it me. It’s a shame but the F1 TV Pro + VPN route worked fine last year so no big loss.


Offer ends 23.59 on 16th March - 9 months to cover the season - but it says cancel anytime, so presumably can just pay for 9 months


Yes you can, if you don't want to watch over the Xmas period you can cancel once the season ends.

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Is it a unique code, or a link to a webpage with the offer on? 

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Email offer, so check your inbox.  If not, i can provide the link if you send a PM.


I'm not sure it's true that the contract can be ended early to save money once the season has ended. The wording makes me think you are signing up to pay for a 12 month period and will be billed for such no matter what. I think this would be worth double-checking if it's important to anyone.