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Entertainment special Offer email.

I received an email yesterday saying I was being given a special offer of six months entertainment passes at £5.99 a month and I didn’t have to do a thing it would be added automatically well I spent an hour on live chat this morning telling two different people I don’t want this offer because I prefer to use vouchers that cost £5.00 a monthas and when I want them I then tried to add a two month voucher this morning with the intention of using it until it ran out and just before it did I would cancelmy  account as it is not doing what I want it do. But would you believe it when I went to add my new voucher bought from Sainsbury’s a week ago there is no ADD VOUCHER where it has always been before I have used now tv  for a couple of years and have always liked the way it works but it has changed and not for the better 

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Re: Entertainment special Offer email.

Hi @Anonymous User 


First of all I've not been so lucky to have received any emailed offers for a very long time !!


Secondly I am surprised that your offers have been automatically applied to your account !!  As with the few emailed offers I have received in the past  ( and no longer receive )  Have always required me to apply them to my account and activate.


So I am very interested to learn if this is a new way that Now Tv are giving offers and If this is happening to others ?


I would be very happy to receive some offers but only with the option to take them and apply them myself

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Re: Entertainment special Offer email.

Had the same email, but it’s £4.99 a month for six months done automatically