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Entertainment pass won't cancel

I've been trying to cancel an entertainment pass since yesterday with no joy. I've tried on my phone, on my desktop, via Chrome or Safari and in all instances, I get as far as confirming that I still want to cancel and get the spinning circles. It doesn't change from that and doesn't cancel. Any help would be fab. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


If you can try MS Edge or Fire Fox on your PC or phone to see if you can get passed the spinning coloured circles loading screen.


Also disable any adblocking software on your internet browser.


If no joy with the above, if you use Twitter send NowTV a Tweet or drop them an email because it looks like again NowTV live chat is closed due to Covid-19.




Anonymous User
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I'm having exactly the same problem! So annoying! Every other part works fine but, like you, the coloured dots just keep spinning when I confirm that I want to cancel.