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Entertainment pass disappeared and option to buy gone

Hi all

My 3 month entertainment pass offer was due to finish so I applied a 2 month voucher just before it ended.

All worked fine, and the pass showed as letting me have entertainment access until 5th January.

Unfortunately on the day that my old pass expired and the new one was due to kick in I lost access to entertainment only, and the pass has disappeared from my account along with the option to buy another.

I contacted support via chat and they can see the voucher applied correctly and is active on my account, even though I can’t. They have therefore referred my case to a higher level and say I will receive an email when it’s resolved. 
It’s been ongoing for a week now, I have contacted them 3 more times but they say the issue is still with their technical department.

Anyone else having this issue currently or in the recent past and if so, how long did it take to resolve?

I would use another account but I have 6 months of a sports pass remaining and changing accounts with the remotes is such a faff I can’t be bothered 🙂

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Re: Entertainment pass disappeared and option to buy gone

The same thing has happened to me today with s sky sports pass, it was due to expire today do I took the two month offer and it has just switched off, saying I need to buy a pass to continue watching.

The pass is missing from my account with no option to select another, the money has been debited from my account and the next payment for a month's time is showing in the payments section??

My son is not happy!

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