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Discount clarification

I took out a Sky Sports month pass at the beginning of March for £33.99 a month. I am aware that since then, the price has reduced to £20 per month for 9 months until 24th March. Am I correct in assuming that this offer is only available to new customers, being as it's not under my offers section, or would it definitely be available to me if I was to cancel my current Sky Sports pass?


If it were to be available to me by cancelling my current pass at the more expensive rate, is there a set period of time I need to allow between cancelling the £33.99 pass and re-purchasing at the £20 per month offer rate please?

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@Anonymous User 

If you go to “cancel” your NOW sports membership there is a very high chance you’ll get the £20 offer.


There is no time or “cooling” off period with the monthly memberships. All you need to do is cancel whenever you desire. 

Do you have an email offer regarding the £20 for sports? 

You can always check “offers for you” within your account.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User 


My understanding is that the 9 months for £20 per month sports email offer is for selective customers and it's not related to new customers only.


If you haven't got an active sports pass on your account then there is more of a chance getting this above offer (though nothing is for certain).


i am interested in this offer myself and recently cancelled a £25 per month offer.


When i cancelled my NOW sports membership and under the options the reason why i wished to cancel, i clicked on the "Can't afford it" (which is actually true in my case) hoping i would be given a retention sports deal offer for £20 per month to cover maybe two or three months.


No luck for me with the retention discount, but you could try it yourself, especially paying full price of £33.99 which i would never splash out on myself with no Rugby Union on Sky 😠 (too expensive for me).


You could try NOW live chat and ask them is there any chance you can have the 9 months offer.


There may be a chance the 9 months offer for £20 per month could be added on the NOW dedicated offers website page or under My Membership Exclusive offers just for you (though there is no guarantee this will happen).


Use the link for live chat if you want try your luck with them to see if you can squeeze the same 9 months offer out of them (they might not budge, but no harm in trying). 


This is one of my biggest bug bears with NOW is that their offers are never offered to everybody.

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@Anonymous User cancel the pass and it should allow you to add the offer.