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Cost of 1 day sports pass

Horrified to see that the cost of a 1 day sports pass has just been increased to £9.99 - that's over 25% more than a year ago (£7.99). ow can NowTV justify that sort of increas? As a pensioner on a limited fixed income I can barely afford that amount, especially since the BBC will soon be removing my free TV licence, which will leave me with even less to spend on "extras" like NowTV passes. The only thing I buy a sports pass for is to watch F1 races - not interested in watching any other Sky sports programs. I've looked at the NowTV gift cards, but there is no discounted card for a 1 day sports pass (why not?). What I'd like NowTV to introduce is a 3 hour sports pass for - say - £4, which would be enough time to watch an entire F1 race. Unless NowTV can make the price of a sports pass more affordable for someone in my financial situation, I'll have to forego watching F1 races live and have to put up with the Channel 4 highlights, which are free to air.

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